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Leading Solar EPC & Solutions Company in India

Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity which is not only renewable in nature but also helps in reducing your carbon footprint. Every living being needs sunlight to survive. Until now we haven't fully utilized what the sun has to offer, but now the scenario is changing. Solar energy is now becoming the preferred form of energy. India is blessed with abundant solar energy and around 300 sunny days in a year which has an insolation of 4-7kwh per square meter a day.

Servotech Power Systems LTD. is the leading solar EPC Company in India, with over 18 years of experience in the solar industry. We provide complete solar solutions for solar power projects, including engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning.

Engineering Procurement Construction


Engineering Design

PV Array Design
BOS Design and Engineering
Mechanical Structure Design
Civil & Electrical Design



Mounting Structures
PV Modules
LT.HT Cables BOS Meters


Project Execution

Construction Management
Inspection & QA/QC
Project Management


Feasibility Study

Radiation Data Analytics
Project Feasibility
Basic Layout
Site Survey


Operation and Maintenance

Schedule Monitoring
Data Collection and Analysis
Operation & Results Overview
Annual Maintainance Contract


Erection and Commissioning

Trial Commissioning
Final Commissioning
Co-Ordination for Clearances
Error Monitoring and Rectification

Residential and Commercial Solar EPC Solutions

Residential Solar Solutions

Residential Solar Solutions

India is on the verge of a solar revolution, and Servotech has been at the vanguard, spearheading the transition to sustainable energy solutions. Rooftop solutions at home provide significant cost reductions while also safeguarding the environment as you contribute to the planet by reducing its carbon footprint. To save money and monetize your roofs, get your own solar rooftop for your home with Servotech.

Commercial Solar Solutions

With government and global scrutiny towards industrial contribution to growing carbon emissions tightening, switching to an extensive solar solution has become an imperative for industrial and commercial players. With commercial rooftop solar panels growing in popularity in India, Servotech has the technology, manpower, and demonstrated experience to assist you in establishing commercial rooftop solar power plants to meet your needs.

EPC Solar

Our Range of Solar Solutions

On-Grid Solar System

On-Grid Solar System

An on-grid/grid-tied solar system is one that is connected to the power grid, meaning any surplus or deficit power can be fed into the grid via net metering. A perfect fit for homes, residential users prefer on-grid solar systems since they allow them to receive credit for the surplus power their system generates while also saving money on their electricity bills. Whether you use the solar system or the grid, you will always have power

Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system is a battery-based, self-contained solar system that does not require the use of a utility grid to operate. It's a comprehensive solar system that includes solar panels, a solar battery, and a solar inverter, and is perfect for ensuring round-the-clock power. During the day, the panels store enough sunlight and utilize the excess power created at night. Well suited for commercial settings, these self-sustaining systems can power essential loads in places where there is no access to a power grid.

EPC Solar
Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar energy system is one that combines On-Grid and Off-Grid solar energy technologies. It can be described simply as a grid-connected solar power system with a battery backup. This solution gives you the option of storing the power generated by your solar system throughout the day in batteries rather than feeding it back into the power grid. Instead of purchasing electricity from the government grid at a higher price, the very same electricity can be used for the post-sunset hours.

Our Expertise

  • 5K+ satisfied customers.
  • Offering hassle free and quality experience to our customers.
  • Highly skilled and efficient senior management and execution team.
  • Use of highly efficient, cost effective and up-to-date technology & safety.
  • Vast experience in handling statutory compliance & lessoning with Govt. Dept.
  • Use of top quality Tier-1 raw materials for Solar Solutions.
  • Brand association with Tier-1 companies for products we use in solar projects.
  • Robust supply chain & logistics for timely delivery of products and execution of projects.
  • 24x7 service support for complete customer support & peace of mind.

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