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Our Company

Who we are

Driving Change As A Disruptor

In this rapidly evolving world where the need for sustainable solutions and technological progress takes centre stage, Servotech Power System Ltd., an NSE listed company, shines as a guiding light of innovation and unparalleled excellence. We are proud to be at the forefront of revolutionizing the energy sector with high-end solar products and exceptionally efficient EV chargers. We also take immense pride in developing ultra-fast DC chargers and Home AC chargers, transforming the EV charging landscape. We deeply value our accomplishment of installing over 2400 EV chargers in collaboration with renowned oil marketing companies to drive India’s electric mobility revolution. We are staunch advocates of the ‘Make in India’ concept and are actively promoting indigenous manufacturing to support the cause. Our mission is to contribute to the 'Make in India' initiative by producing top-quality products here, in India.

With a legacy spanning over two decades, we have set not just benchmarks but industry precedents. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to continually raise the bar, delivering nothing but the best. At the core of our values lies the belief in building long lasting relationships with our clients. We approach every partnership with utmost sincerity and devotion, understanding that our clients are our most valuable assets.
Our journey is fueled by expertise and excellence. We harness cutting-edge technology and game-changing innovations to lead the way in the energy sector. Time and again, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the renewable energy sector. By providing ground breaking solutions and offering pivotal advisory services to our clients we have managed to establish ourself as a symbol of excellence and reliability, gaining nationwide recognition. As we continue to shape the future of energy in India, one thing remains certain – we are a company driven not just by profit, but by a vision to create a sustainable and brighter tomorrow for all.


19+ Years Of Excellence & Unwavering Commitment

Our Legacy

How We Started


Having forayed into the industry in 2004 with the introduction of Sine-Wave inverters for domestic and commercial use, Servotech witnessed dramatic growth over the subsequent years since inception while launching a series of LED lighting solutions, Solar Street lights, Solar-Hybrid Inverters, LED solar lighting solutions followed by its positioning as a giant and making its debut in the stock market and being listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in the year 2017. To bridge the demand-supply gaps for medical-grade equipment since the COVID-19 outbreak, Servotech emerged as one of the sole providers of Oxygen Concentrators as well as UV-C disinfectant products. With a defining history of delivering unmatched and unparalleled product and service offerings, Servotech has carved a niche for itself. Rising as a disruptor within the industry, Servotech has progressed leaps and bounds over the years by incorporating the ultra-modern methods, techniques and ethical practices to ensure superior-grade development which could bring a change for the society and complements the environment at large. Establishing itself towards greater heights with a futuristic approach, Servotech has been pushing the boundaries and breaking all barriers to introduce a highly sophisticated yet energy-efficient line of products and solutions for a better world.


To create and introduce a series of world-class solutions to mitigate the impact of energy consumption on climate to achieve the net-zero emissions ambition and eliminate the reliance and dependence on fossil fuels for our future generations.


In pursuit of our vision of revolutionalizing the practice of energy consumption and conservation towards a sustainable future, Servotech adheres to its mission with absolute integrity:

  • To provide the most advanced cutting-edge technological and innovative solutions for a sustainable future.
  • To empower our skilled workforce through knowledge sharing, associations, and collaborations to help society embrace the change of energy transition.
  • To contribute towards the care and welfare of the society, nation, and environment at large.

Company Milestones



Servotech expanded EV Charger business in Middle-East and Africa.



Forayed into the EV market to establish EV charging tech infrastructure pan India



Launched Rebreath
Rebreathe Medical Devices India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary brand, offering medical-grade Oxygen Concentrators and its spares & components. Launch was aimed at bridging the demand-supply gap for Oxygen generating equipment in the market for quick rescue and critical support during the second wave of COVID-19.
Servotech Power Systems Limited
made it to the Main Board (Capital Market Segment)



With the outbreak of the Corona Virus, we came up with a UV-C Disinfection product segment exclusively dedicated to providing seamless sanitization of areas and accessories to the common people.


Launched ServPort a standard plug-n-play grid interactive rooftop PV system having a system size of 2kWp with battery storage designed for 100% self-consumption. Servotech is amongst the exclusive providers of this technology in India, to be mass produced for residential applications (UPS and AC load).



Servotech went public, and listed on the National Stock Exchange, trading with the symbol SERVOTECH.


A range of products exclusively dedicated to facilitate LED Solar lighting solutions made the scene.


Following a series of ground-breaking innovations we introduced two product ranges, the Solar Street lights and Solar-Hybrid Inverters


Considering the growing advent of technology, we came up with LED Lighting solutions for both industrial and domestic application.


We leveled up by launching Digital and Sine-Wave inverters for industrial application.



We came up with leading-edge Sine-Wave inverters for domestic use