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Press Release - January 19, 2023

Servotech Achieves 1400 EV Charger Supplied Milestone in 3 Months across the Country

New Delhi, 19 Jan 2023: NSE-listed leading EV Charging and solar power solutions provider Servotech Power Systems Ltd, has supplied 1400 EV chargers in a span of 3 months at different locations across the county. These chargers include public sector projects, retail customers, and other strategic alliances that Servotech has taken up and entered into.

With the help of this network of public EV charging stations, clean mobility and freedom from range anxiety are made possible for electric vehicle owners and drivers in public spaces. The growing number of charging stations will make EV charging very convenient for car owners. With cutting-edge technology and even faster charging times, the initiative intends to provide a strong roadmap for future product pipelines while also designing an organised and interconnected EV charging infrastructure in India.

Upon reaching this key landmark, Servotech Founder and Managing Director, Raman Bhatia noted, “The successful installation of these EV charging stations in public spaces is the first of many steps that will enable the EV revolution in the nation. As a result, Servotech contributes significantly to India's EV charging infrastructure. Our cohesive and research-driven strategy has had a substantial positive influence on the growth of this ecosystem and the promotion of EV adoption in the nation. We are still dedicated to contributing significantly to the national aim of moving toward green mobility, working with other stakeholders. As we relentlessly endeavour to build e-mobility, an essential element of India's sustainable future, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all of our local partners and government organisations. Additionally, we support government initiatives aimed at boosting the domestic manufacturing sector, and Servotech's R&D and engineering teams are actually creating an increasing number of solutions that are produced domestically, such as faster and energyefficient EV chargers and battery storage systems for electric vehicles. Going ahead, we aim to localise the major chunk of our product and solution offerings within a few years.”

Out of these 1400, Servotech has delivered and set up 600 electric vehicle chargers at different retail locations of BPCL. The majority of these chargers have been supplied and set up in carefully chosen locations throughout BPCL's retail fuel and gas stations in various cities around the country. States of the likes of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Gujarat among others have been covered under what is being dubbed as the Green Corridor which will be dotted with EV charging points and capabilities. The success of Servotech in being a chosen EV charging solution partner in the nation is directly related to its unmatched track record of integrating energy-saving solutions across India as well as the advanced capabilities and diversity of its EV charger portfolio.

In order to scale EV charging infrastructure, solution suppliers and owners and operators of charging networks are crucial. However, the larger ecosystem can assist in addressing a variety of issues. This comprises, among others, infrastructure funds, utilities, and grid operators, as well as original equipment manufacturers. In order to give owners of electric vehicles easy access to the charging network, Servotech will also be setting up, commissioning, and maintaining these DC fast chargers. This will help ensure the implementation of e-mobility contact points that address payments, accessibility, exploration, and connectivity.

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About Servotech Power Systems Limited:

Servotech Power Systems is an NSE-listed organization that develops tech-enabled EV Charging solutions leveraging their over two decades of experience and expertise in the electronics space. We offer an extensive range of AC and DC chargers which are compatible with different EVs and serve multiple applications such as commercial and domestic. With our comprehensive engineering capabilities, we plan to play a pivotal role in developing India's EV tech infrastructure. A trusted brand with a strong pan-India presence, our legacy is marked by proven innovation and distribution of high-end LED lighting and UV-C disinfection products, along with medical-grade oxygen concentrators and its makings.

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