Quality Assurance System

Incoming Material

Incoming material shall be inspected according to the quality plan and after conformity it has to be received by store. In the case of non conformity the material shall be returned to supplier without any delay.

Different manufacturing stages has identified where inspection/testing is required and shall be done as per the drawings/flow charts.

All the inspection and testing will be done at planned stage. And if any rework or non – conforming product arises shall be recorded and rest will be treated as marked QA/QC passed.

Process Control

Final product inspection is carried out as per quality plan/drawing/flow charts. Evidence of conformity find, test report will be prepared.

No product delivery shall be made until it conforms the specified requirement production manager is authorized to sign on delivery paper for product conformity.

All the non-conformities arise during inspection at any stage will be handled as per procedure of “control of non conforming product”.

The processes are identified with their monitoring systems.

Process performance shall be monitored regularly by production manager.

All the record of monitoring will be maintained.

Monitoring data shall be discussed in quality in charge any change needed shall be incorporated in processes.

Product Control

Since the final inspection is done, any defects observed during the final inspection are considered as the non-conformity and recorded in the final inspection report/register.

If the defects are minor, the identified product is reworked and offered again for inspection.

If the defects are major and product is rejected. Then the non-conformity material are removed from the working place and then offered again for review for its use, release or acceptance under concession the authority lies with quality check in charge only.

System Control

All potential non-conformity identified out of recorded non-conformities.

Root case analysis will be done with the help of statistical technique or past experience.

Production manager will be evaluate the need for action to prevent recurrence of non-conformities.

Determination of appropriate action and implementation plan.

Implementation of action needed as per plan.

Follow up for results.

Review of follow up.

Reporting in management review meeting.

Record of preventive action and its implementation will be maintained.