Manufacturing Facilities

We have built up our production facilities, at Haryana (Kundli) for serving markets all over India. Our production set up includes Manufacturing of LED –Lights , Power Backup-products, Solar Products Our manufacturing facility is systematically planned and built to modern construction standards.

Equipped with sophisticated assembly lines and are backed by a completely integrated in-house R&D Centre. Executes multiple functions in one cycle at high speed ensures full safety of sophisticated equipment Well-trained multi-skilled workforce assemble all the components on assembly lines

Productivity improvement is a critical area of focus in various operations

  1. Automatic Printer
  2. Yamaha M-20 Chip Shooter
  3. 8 Zone Automatic Reflow Oven
  4. 3 assembly lines for LED & Solar Production
  5. 1 sample assembly production line

LED Testing Facility:

       PMS 80 for

  1. Luminous Flux (lm), Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
  2. Relative Spectral Power Distributions Diagram P(λ)
  3. Chromaticity Coordinate: (x,y), (u,v)
  4. Correlated Color Temperature: Tc,
  5. Color Rendering Index: Ra, Ri (i=1~14)
  6. Standard deviation of color matching (SDCM)
  7. Peak Wavelength, Dominant Wavelength, Colorimetric Purity


Can test:

Lighting distribution measurement of all kinds of

  • LED luminaires,
  • Street lightings,
  • Flood lightings,
  • Indoor lightings,
  • Outdoor lightings etc

with high accuracy; Lighting distribution measurement of all kinds of light sources including LED, CFL, FL, HID, energy saving lamps

EMC Testing:

  • LT-11 for complete light gear analysis

Solar Testing:

Sun Simulator:

solar simulator is a device that provides illumination approximating natural sunlight. The purpose of the solar simulator is to provide a controllable indoor test facility under laboratory conditions, used for the testing of Solar panels.

Solar Array Simulator 

ITECH high-speed high performance photovoltaic/solar simulation power supply can help users to complete the solar array output simulation under different shadow modes, test and track real-time maximum power and performance test of the PV array. Providing various Module for the user to choose according to a different supplier, users can also build their own PV module.  User can define irradiation and temperature parameters of shadow, cell string set, parallel quantity and dynamic shielding the moving direction of the cloud, initialization time, running time and the time interval of cloud moving

Environmental test instruments:

  • Ingress Protection testing
  • Environmental chamber for temperature and Humidity