Thinking to Buy Lesser Than 5L Oxygen Concentrators? Think Again!

Whilst preparing to buy an oxygen concentrator, we’re often allured by features such as “Lightweight”, “Small”, “Nimble”, among others. But from now one, these words are better taken as admonition than anything else. Why?

Well, last Monday, the Drug Controller General of India, also known as the DCGI, set out an advisory stating that those COVID patients that are in home isolation and are treating themselves on oxygen support must refrain from using oxygen concentrator devices that provide a flow less than 5L per minute.

Various types of oxygen concentrators are currently on the market, with differing capacities of continuous flow (1 to 10 liters per minute) and widely varying oxygen concentrations. Those in home isolation should use concentrators with a minimum flow of up to 5 liters res per minute or more, according to the drug regulator.

The recommendation is to use concentrators with oxygen sensors to check concentrations, as well as digital or analogue meters that show the total number of hours the system has been running. It is recommended that oxygen concentrators with a capacity of less than 5 liters per minute not be marketed under the deceptive name of “home-based COVID treatment.”
Furthermore, it is also recommended that oxygen concentrators be purchased with the consumables needed to operate them, as well as user care guidelines and procedures, such as replacement instructions for accessories and consumables, as well as safe decontamination of reusable components, indicating whether they are generic or brand linked.

The Central Drugs Quality Control Organization (CDSCO) released the advisory to make people aware about minimum oxygen concentrator requirements for COVID-19 case management, especially for use in home settings.

In addition, continuous flow of concentrated oxygen (>90 percent) from room air through one oxygen outlet, a minimum continuous flow of up to 5L/min or more, oxygen concentrators with an oxygen monitor to verify concentration, and a digital or analogue meter that displays cumulative hours of device activity, and oxygen concentrators with an oxygen monitor to verify concentration and a digital or analogue meter that displays cumulative hours of device operation can be used in home.
Considering the advisory and recommendations coming from the highest in bureaucracy and field-specialists, only premium quality devices ought to be sought. Oxygen Concentrators manufactured by Servotech come in two variations a 5L model and a 10L version. These are equipped with an aluminum-magnesium alloy cooling fan and a French Molecular Sieve to keep any molecular particulate from interfering with its operation. Furthermore, the mechanism has an inbuilt pure copper oil-free compressor that ensures a continuous flow of oxygen at all times.

Another edge that these devices boast is that these unit features an HD LCD touchscreen and an on-the-go power saving mode, which allows the oxygen supply to remain active while the patient is sleeping. The system is also simple to use and apply, and its operation does not necessitate any technical knowledge. In addition to its many features, these machines can comfortably fit into most spaces in your home and can be passed around without difficulty. Moreover, each provides for 93 percent pure oxygen and packed with a high-quality humidifier.

Lastly, the weight, which is often the con-word in these transactions, needs to be defined. This medical-grade oxygen generator, weighs about 19-25kgs and comes with a pressure warning, a power off alarm, and an irregular voltage alarm, it also has an input AC of 220V and 50Hz, and uses less than 400VA of power when operating continuously for 2000 hours.

The upshot is that always go for quality products than lesser prices, and to attest to that you even have a government-backed advisory, which is, so to speak, a myth-buster and also raises red flags that can massively impact out buying decisions. So, the next time you’re out buying a life-saving device such as an oxygen concentrator, you know more, and you can get the best.
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