Oxygen Generator and Oxygen Concentrator, how do they differ, and which one to go for?

Have you ever wondered why the terms oxygen generator and oxygen concentrator are used interchangeably for the same device? This is not unusual if you are new to oxygen therapy, and it can create a lot of questions. While some people confuse the phrases oxygen concentrator and oxygen generator, they are two distinct machines with distinct functions.

What is the Process of Using an Oxygen Generator?

While both oxygen generators and oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen, they are not the same thing. Each machine works in a different way, and they are used in different ways.

Both oxygen generators and oxygen concentrators remove oxygen from the air and work in the same way. Both devices draw in ambient air before compressing and purifying it, removing nitrogen and other trace gases and contaminants. The machine subsequently produces concentrated oxygen for various applications, depending on whether it is an oxygen generator or an oxygen concentrator. The differences between the two begin to apply from here.

How do these machines differ from one another?

Both machines remove oxygen from the surrounding air, but the fundamental difference between an oxygen concentrator and an oxygen generator is how they are employed. An oxygen concentrator is a tiny medical oxygen equipment designed for home usage. On the other hand, an oxygen generator usually refers to larger systems or systems intended for industrial use. While a patient may utilize an oxygen concentrator at home for supplemental oxygen therapy, oxygen generators are utilized for large-scale breathing systems, such as those used in submarines.

Additionally, oxygen generators are also employed in industrial settings such as fish farms, gold mines, manufacturing industries, and even wastewater treatment facilities. Despite the fact that oxygen concentrators are often smaller, the size of the device does not always indicate whether it is an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen generator.

Another distinction between oxygen concentrators and oxygen generators, and one of the reasons they can be utilized differently, is that oxygen generators may deliver higher pressure, which is required for some applications. An oxygen generator at a veterinary clinic, for example, may produce 90 PSI (pounds per square inch), which is enough to flush an anesthetic machine. The same force of pressure is not produced by oxygen concentrators. Many oxygen generators have a reservoir since it is not always required for them to be lightweight or portable. The size of this varies based on the type of oxygen generator and the application. Should the power go out, this reservoir allows oxygen to circulate for a limited time.

Oxygen generators are used to fill oxygen tanks as well as pipe oxygen straight to the appropriate source, such as those within a hospital. Many enterprises, such as oxygen supply stores or SCUBA supply stores, may have big oxygen generators on-site that they use instead of purchasing bulk oxygen.

Which one do you need to choose among the two?

An oxygen concentrator is required if you have been prescribed supplemental oxygen. At home, oxygen concentrators are utilized to provide supplemental oxygen therapy. You may need a home oxygen concentrator that offers continuous flow oxygen, or you may be prescribed pulse-dosing from a portable oxygen concentrator that adjusts to your breathing, depending on the dosing you needed to satisfy your oxygen demands.

Whether you utilize a stationary home oxygen concentrator or a portable oxygen concentrator depends on the type of oxygen dosing you require and the liters per minute oxygen flow you are prescribed.

How to Choose the Right Oxygen Concentrator for You?

Your doctor will finally decide the type of oxygen concentrator you require, whether it is a stationary home oxygen concentrator or a portable oxygen concentrator. Your oxygen therapy prescription will be determined by your doctor, which will include oxygen dose, oxygen flow rate, and the frequency with which you will require oxygen therapy sessions.

They will advise you on the oxygen delivery equipment to utilize. Doctors may automatically prescribe standard oxygen tanks in some circumstances, but if your prescription allows it and you want to use an oxygen concentrator, tell your doctor.

You can then choose from a selection of manufacturers and models to choose which oxygen concentrator is best for your oxygen demands and lifestyle. Despite the fact that there are numerous manufacturers to pick from, Servotech’s oxygen concentrators are the market’s top pick today. Our mission has always been to assist oxygen patients in leading more fulfilling lives while on oxygen. Every day, as you receive oxygen therapy, our goal is to improve your freedom, movement, and independence. Servotech’s oxygen concentrators are designed to let you live as normally as possible while also improving your breathing.

Servotech provides oxygen concentrators that are suitable for your needs. The Servotech’s oxygen concentrator is a fantastic solution if you require continuous dosage oxygen. This home oxygen concentrator is meant to provide you with a constant supply of oxygen without the excessive noise or significant energy consumption that other stationary oxygen concentrators have. The Servotech’s oxygen concentrator is small enough to carry anywhere with you and utilizes the same amount of energy as a conventional 100-watt light bulb in a quiet manner. This enables you to get the continuous oxygen flow you require without having to worry about noise or a significant rise in your energy bill.

Any of our Portable Oxygen Concentrators will allow you to get your oxygen therapy at home or on the go if pulse-dosing works for your oxygen prescription. For those who enjoy traveling, our device allows you to take your oxygen therapy with you.

Make Your Choice Today

Find out if your prescription enables you to use a portable oxygen concentrator at home or on the move if you’ve been prescribed supplementary oxygen therapy. Servotech can assist you in selecting the best oxygen concentrator model for your needs. There’s no need to be constrained by the number of minutes left in an oxygen tank or to live a life reliant on hefty, inconvenient oxygen cylinders. Bring a Servotech oxygen concentrator home instead to improve your quality of life. Find out what it’s like to walk around your house without being out of breath, or take your portable oxygen concentrator with you and get your oxygen treatments on the go.

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