At Servotech Power Systems, we aspire we aspire to bring the most tech’ed-up of products closer to you. By being a catalyst, we aim to market the best solutions made in our industry, so that you as a consumer get the luxury of advanced and efficient products, everyday.

We believe in a life based on equality which is culturally and economically uniform. That being stressed in our products, we intend to bring about a difference in your lives, by playing a small yet important part in it.

Servotech Power Systems's Directors

Mrs Sarika Bhatia

Whole-Time Director
Servotech Power Systems Ltd.

Mr Raman Bhatia

Promoter & Managing Director
Servotech Power Systems Ltd.

As a young boy, I dreamt of taking the technological bar of the world around me, one notch higher! And so, I started Servotech. With the continuous backing of my wife Sarika, it has been one great journey together.

With the contribution of talented individuals coming from diverse backgrounds that share the same determination and dedication as ours, we accomplished to make Servotech Power Systems a collective success.

And know what’s more? we didn’t stop there. Our effort to offer essential benefits to maximum people saw us materialize brands such as Saara and Servcontrol to market Solar Products, LED Lights, and UV-C Disinfection Products. Started as a private company in the 2000s, Servotech, has come a long way with everyone’s support .


Often things come together and dots just link to make you take those wild leaps. Servotech was motivated by building lifestyles that support individuals on their journeys, whether as a consumer or as an investor. We claimed that India was full of potential that didn’t scale, and we decided to create a community that nurtured innovation. In 2000, Servotech was born with an aim to make a difference in one’s life. That saw the outset of Saara and Servcontrol, helping us offer essential benefits to maximum people.


We will continue to evolve and develop to build world-leading technological solutions for our clients with a source of warmth, value, and inspiration for our employees. We recognize our obligation to bridge the gap  between different sections of society by providing a product that is accessible to all.



In reality, the everyday activities and initiatives of Servotech show the vision and mission of a rapidly changing organization that reflects on the world and people. We mission includes:

– To give its customers total solutions for high-end goods.

– Design new and environmentally friendly goods, achieving optimal lighting efficiency for the lowest possible use.

– To bring substantial value to the decisions taken by its clients to reduce their reliance on resources and increase their productivity.

Servotech Journey



Servotech Power Systems Team

Our Company has grown over 400 times since its inception and is striving to achieve greater heights. People from distinct backgrounds came together to be a part of the Servotech family. By contributing their talent and hard work, which helped us reach heights and gain the trust of many consumers, we seek to grow and provide eco-friendly products. Even a small contribution made by each member of our organization has helped us become closer to our goals and helped us envision the betterment of mankind.

Want to join our team?

Collaborations are most welcomed at Servotech. We would always love associate for the growth of society and the prosperity of mankind. Getting the added benefit from different organizations, we aim to collectively introduce such innovation that upgrades the lifestyle of individuals.

Want to Collaborate with Us?

Servotech's Managing Director - Raman Bhatia

Mr. Raman Bhatia

Director & Founder
Servotech Power Systems Ltd.


The 21st century has been called the “Century of the Environment”. Governments – and individual citizens – can no longer assume that social challenges such as pollution, dwindling natural resources, and climate change can be set aside for future generations.

As a small step forward in the direction, Servotech Power Systems has evolved the contribution towards the Green Revolution by adding to its arsenal Energy Efficient LED Lights and Solar Products under the brand name “Saara”.

It gives me immense pleasure to say that we have already revolutionized the LED lighting products and have made them available for the masses and are working hard to do the same for Solar products.

We value our client’s trust and try to exceed their expectations.

Keeping in mind the safety of your family, we have introduced Servcontrol that deals in UVC germicidal products for sterilizing homes and nearby surroundings through light. An innovation that needed attention and we, with talented professionals have made it accessible to you.

“For every problem, there is an answer. Empty your thoughts and allow the
solution to visit you.”


“We really appreciate your support in the whole process of our launch. No other partner will deliver you professional assistance, operation, and savings time after time.”

“They truly understand their company and most importantly, customer service. I’d probably contact them first to assist with any potential lighting needs.”

“I would like to thank you and your staff for your devotion and loyalty. You’ve always been able to respond and to provide excellent service.”